Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top 10 Reasons for a Big Church

10. The potted plants are much nicer.

9. The parking lot makes for better skateboarding.

8. The LCD projector and giant screen make for great times watching the latest pirated movie download.

7. You don’t have to clean toilets, paid janitors do that kind of stuff.

6. The mega dollar sound system is way, way better.

5. Hopefully, you don’t have to listen to the same old stories, from the same guy each week.

4. You can leave without ever being noticed.

3. You don’t have to welcome anyone, somebody else will do it.

2. Nobody knows your name.

1. The senior pastor wears nicer clothes.


Leonard said...

Great Blogs. I read all of them. You really are a preacher! I hope this will be a place where you can be able to share your heart in a way that encourages you and others.



madroon said...

I know of a man who had been going to this mid size church and got needed surgery.
He was of work with out pay and had no income for 5mnths.
And the senior paster would say to this man How is the old wing doing.
And so un noticed was a miracle taken place in this mans live, of which the paster nor the people in the church whom never ask this man how God was taken care of his familie.
Nobody seem to care or notice, they will never know the faithfullness of God.

David Grant said...

So glad you could join in with our little bouts of madness. You're right when you say we miss opportunities to enter God's faithfulness. God forgive us all and change us most of all.

Jamie A. Grant said...

Here's my more serious response...