Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jesus Never Fits

he surprised everyone,
he disappointed everyone,
a prostitute kissed his feet,
his followers were his friends,
he was thoroughly unpredictable,
money came from the mouth of a fish,
he called religious leaders shiny coffins,
he was silent when he should have spoken,
he callously said let the dead bury the dead,
a sermon was a meal with an evil tax collector,
he allowed a year’s wages to be poured on his feet,
he ate with the most hated and was hated by the most esteemed,
when he rose from the dead he made breakfast on the seashore,
he restored his friends when they utterly deserted him,
his ultimate betrayer was his group’s accountant,
he stretched out his hand and said forgive them,
he turned loyal crowds into blood thirsty mobs,
when he healed leprosy he said tell no one,
he never did what he was supposed to do,
when the crowds gathered he fed them,
he had no home to call his own,
no one expected him to die,
he laughed a lot,
he cried a lot,

he made great wine.

How dare we package such a man?

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