Sunday, March 18, 2007

Contributor Instead of Observer

I've been taking aim at a rather defenseless target lately. As Rick Warren is fond of saying, "Holy cows make great hamburger." It is especially not hard to do when one has been in church as long as I have (30 years). Did I say defenseless? What arrogance to think one can kill 450-1700 years of church tradition so easily.

But is there a remedy? Yes. What will it cost us? Everything.

One of the key ideas that I'm trying to grasp are gatherings that are led by Jesus. Here is a brief excerpt from the book, "Meetings in His Kingdom", to try to help you along if you are wanting to journey further. The book is about what it means to have Jesus' life flow through you, in the here and now, with other like minded saints. It is free on the net. No strings attached. The link is at the bottom of this post.

Meetings in His Kingdom (an excerpt)
As one in a Priesthood, no longer a “spectator” at “services,” how do you become a contributor and not just an observer in a gathering? One essential practical issue is this: as you read, study or listen to the word of our God outside of the meeting, never listen or read “to share,” but only to be changed. The way of God is this: no matter how pro­found the Truth you have heard or learned happens to be, He only truly values the work of those who are currently applying the Word of God to their lives. Please take the time to let this sink deeply into your heart and mind. This is so crucial! He can only overflow from your life if you “abide” — make your dwelling place — in Him and His Word. Your words will be His if He is filling who you are storing up of His Life in a trusting and obedient heart.

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