Saturday, March 17, 2007

Small Beginings

Tears were flowing down my face in the parking lot of No Frills after some last minute buying of plastic wine cups and “sparkling grape juice”. Why?

Some friends of mine were getting together at my place to have a meal and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. My son, Dave and his friend, Derek had decided to put into action some words that I had been droning on and on about.

Richard and his crew of kids, Jennifer, Bruce, Brittanny, Brandon, Jordan, Tyler and ? were joining us. Dave and Derek, with Jamie joining us much later, was the total number of our little gathering (ekklesia).

The smell permeating the kitchen was wonderful. You can’t celebrate the Lord’s Supper without food. Dave was the chef of course and he made something that was fabulous called, Mexican pizza. Grilled steak put on tortilla shells with nacho cheese and salsa, and then baked in the oven.

It seemed a little strange to be calling this time of hanging out, the Lord’s Supper. We’ve never been down this road before, but as for me, I was actually over the moon with anticipation.

Naturally with all the kids there, they made a beeline downstairs to play pool and Wii on the 50” plasma that Dave is renting from Costco. Oddly enough, the younger ones wanted to play pool and the older kids were into the Wii. Richard and I stayed upstairs of course, solving all the problems of the world.

Finally, everyone got back together in the kitchen for next part of this auspicious event. Derek gave a brief overview of why we were here and then it was on to the great eats. After everyone had their fill, I called our attention to the bread, wine and grape juice that were on the table.

As I broke the pumpernickel bread, I wanted everyone to picture what it would have been like to be with Jesus at the last supper. Was it a somber meeting? Was there joke telling and a few well told stories that the disciples had experienced over the past few years?

I wanted everyone to say something as we passed the bread around. It was like watching deer caught in the headlights of a car. They were immobilized. What, you want all of us to participate in this time? Nevertheless, everyone did and when we got through this time of sharing, I was the happiest man alive.

Richard then shared some things about wine/gape juice that we were about to have. He cried as well. Richard and I have dreamed for a long time of getting together in simple ways like this, to share in the joy of our Lord.

Did we get the meal right? I don’t know. Did I experience God in this simple meal? Yes.

Most of the crew went downstairs for more games. Derek, Richard and I stayed upstairs once again solving all the problems of the world.

Eventually the kids made their way back to the kitchen table, where Dave taught them the fine art of playing poker. Derek, Richard and I continued to talk.

Enough of poker and downstairs they went, once again to watch a movie. Richard had to leave but Jamie joined Derek and I, for more profound discussions.

What will happen the next the time we do this? I don’t know. I just want us to learn to be friends around the Lord’s Supper.


solnechko said...

we had a cool little meeting like this the other day at sunday school... i bought some pitas and grape juice for the kids and while they were doing their thing with their teachers... some of us in the kitchen thought.. "hey, why don't we try it too!" and we did the same thing I had the kids do - as we ripped off a piece of the pita, we had to tell Jesus something we loved about him, and as we drank the grape juice, we privately thanked Jesus for laying down his life for us. It was fun!

David Grant said...

That's what you call a little ray of sunshine, shining through.