Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Protect them!

Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago is considered the lead church in the seeker sensitive model. As such they're well aware of the church "gap": people's fascination with the person of Jesus and the dissatisfaction of many with local churches.

In the early days they suggested, however humorously, a sevenfold strategy of evangelism.

1. Spend quality time with non-Christians

2. Protect them from the church.

3. Witness to those new friends about Jesus Christ.

4. Protect them from the church.

5. Lead them to Christ.

6. Protect them from the church.

7. When they have matured a bit and are ready for a culture shock, introduce them to the church for the first time.

This is a quote from, "Houses that Change the World," by Wolfgang Simson

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