Monday, December 17, 2007

The Power of Two

This blog isn’t about church stuff but rather about how we have been trained in our consumer driven society to accept the tried and true method of making corporate retailers rich.

I’ve been trained for years that purchases must be paid for by the work of my hands. I’ve been trained by retailers that I should make all of my purchases through them so that they can get all of the profits and I get all of the expenses. I don’t usually think about it but I can’t say that I enjoy paying for their electricity bills and building costs but that’s what I do every time I buy something from them.

My training naturally makes me skeptical of a sales plan that allows me to buy something and make money in a very short time. I’m skeptical when a company says they want me to be successful and enjoy financial freedom.

Recently I’ve gotten myself involved in a network marketing company. I’ve been in it for about 4 months and I’m just starting to see past my previous training at how powerful their business model is.

When I see the simplicity of being successful that they advocate, it seems too good to be true. I keep looking for the catch but the only catch is my love affair with my training from corporate giants.

I guess some would also see the catch as the initial purchasing of $1,100 worth of high quality products.

Here’s how it works. If one person (Level 1) gets two people to understand the principle of the power of two (Level 2) and they get two people to understand that as well (Level 3), each person would get their product paid for and make money to boot.

The key to this is that “the power of two” principle has to keep getting passed on.

In other words if I get two people to invest $1,100 in products and they get two people to invest in $1,100 products, I get all of my initial investment back plus make $400 while paying no taxes. When that pattern is extended to one more level (Level 4), I now make another $1,000 and win a cruise as well.

What did I need to do? I had to purchase $1,100 worth of great products for myself and help two others to understand the principle of the power of two.

It really is this simple.


Anonymous said...

Is there a website for this?

David Grant said...

This is the actual company website but you can't access the presentation on "power of 2" which they call Momentum Action Plan. MAP

email me if you want more details