Saturday, December 8, 2007

Everyone Agrees

Everyone agrees that in New Testament times there were:

No church buildings

No Sunday services

No paid elders or pastors

No Sunday schools

No offerings or tithing
(collections were made for the poor)

That means the Bible doesn’t require those things and the early church didn’t need those things to turn their world upside down.

We all agree then.

We can shut down all of the Sunday services, sell all the buildings, fire all the pastors and get back to giving to the poor.

Churchgoer: Those are fightin words. It’s obvious we need those things. The New Testament writers simply weren’t as enlightened as we are.

Everyone agrees.


If standard church practices were shut down, the 20% of the people that do 80% of the work wouldn't know what to do with themselves and the 80% of the people that do nothing would feel guilty doing nothing at home.

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