Sunday, December 9, 2007

Reasons for Sunday Sermons

Each week, millions of Christians declare them to be very valuable. When they could be sleeping in, going for a walk in the park, playing with their kids, spending time with friends or golfing, they have chosen to express their faith by going to a church building to listen to a sermon.

Why is it important?

Teaching: in a day when there is easy access to better teaching and preaching through the internet it’s foolish to say that content is the reason.

Seeing friends: that’s just too dumb to comment on.

The Bible says we need it: where?

Focused: it does make them come back next week.

It brings unity: nope, it brings disunity to the body of Christ as a whole.

Evangelism: cost for every person becoming a Christian = $349,000.00 (this is not a mistake)

Makes the people feel good: religious addictions are often the hardest to identify and break.

Makes the pastor feel good: Yep. It also justifies his salary.

The last two points are the only two reasons that are understandable.

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