Thursday, December 13, 2007

Misplaced Priorities

A wealthy business man’s gps broke down while driving through a large city. He ended up getting lost in a very rough neighborhood. It was late at night and it was the first time in his life that he wasn’t happy driving his Mercedes E350. His nervousness led to confusion and he ended up driving in circles. His hands began to perspire and his heart started racing when he noticed his gas gauge was almost on E. He had to risk getting out of his car to get gas. How couldn’t believe his string of bad luck; earlier that day he had smashed his cell phone while throwing it in a fit of anger because of a failed business deal. Sure enough, the thing that he had feared the most had came upon him.

Almost as soon as he got out of his car to get gas a group of young thugs came around the corner. They immediately came over to examine the sleek Mercedes and check out the rich guy. The man had always been privileged in life and knew the power of the boardroom but this was his first taste of the bile that came from fear. Before the thugs could say anything, he pulled out his wallet and handed it to them. They were insulted and decided to teach him a lesson. The leader drew a circle 30 feet from the car. He threatened the man with his very life if he stepped out of the circle.

They then proceeded to completely to trash the Mercedes. It was party time and they loved the power that they held over this rich man. It only took about 10 minutes to totally destroy the car and when they were just about ready to go after the man, a police cruiser came on the scene and they all the scattered.

The officers were dumbfounded as they were walking over to the man in the very expensive business suit. He was laughing hysterically. When they finally got him to calm down they asked him why he was so very happy.

He said, “When those punks put me in this circle I thought my life was over. But I managed to overcome my fear and while they were destroying my car I stepped out of the circle several times.”

In another part of the city, Jackie was sitting in a large church service. It was only the second time she had ever been to church. She knew she didn’t belong there and certainly her clothing didn’t fit in at all. But it was her final grasp at hope.

She had run away from home a year earlier and was living on the streets trying to survive. To make matters worse, she had been raped 3 months earlier and she now knew that she was pregnant.

The man at the front spoke a strange message to her ears about sheep and coins. The people were very excited and startrd singing and clapping when the man finished his speaking. Jackie even joined in for those few moments of celebration. Jackie thought, "Wow, if only someone could love me like that." After the meeting was over, no one noticed her leaving as they made plans to get together. She was glad for them that they had found such happiness.

Jackie made her way back to her dingy little room with a new awareness about herself. She now knew that she had made a big mistake in running away. If she hadn’t done such terrible things to herself and had such terrible things happen to her, she could have gone back to that very happy church and been part of something truly wonderful.

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