Friday, March 13, 2009

Today Matters

Today Matters
John C. Maxwell

We tend to linger too much in the past, dream too much about the future and yet we miss the only point in time that we have control over,


12 Steps for Living In Today

1. Choose and display the right attitude

2. Determine and act on important priorities

3. Know and follow healthy guidelines

4. Communicate with and care for your family

5. Practice and develop good thinking

6. Make and keep proper commitments

7. Make and properly manage your money

8. Deepen and live out your spiritual faith

9. Initiate and invest in solid personal relationships

10. Plan for and model generosity

11. Embrace and practice good values

12. Seek out and embrace personal improvements.

"Decision making is way too overvalued.
Managing decisions is way too overlooked."

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