Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant

Why do I post network marketing ideas on my let's rethink church site?
The reality is that our job is to care for people and we need money to do so. Churches say the same thing. That's why they take up an offering every week. Essentially churches are businesses that are structured on the traditional corporate model. Where they differ is that instead of getting paid, the workers (parishioners) pay their pastor to tell them to work.

I promote the network marketing business philosophy simply because it promotes teamwork and equality in the making of money. People can then choose how they want to use that money for caring for others. As their business grows they can be responsive to whatever their heart is telling them. That might mean changing locations or banding together with a few others to build an orphanage. They never need to make emotional pleas asking for money. Prayer becomes a matter of hearing from God and doing what He says.

This is why I want to be in business and network marketing allows me the privilege of helping others succeed in business as well.

The Biggest Challenge of Going into Business.

Robert Kiyosaki explains the cashflow quadrants. Many people struggling with finances have a difficult time moving to the right side of the quadrant. The biggest roadblock isn't technical skills or opportunity. The biggest battle is with ourselves and making the emotional shift from desiring security to living financially free.

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