Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If Christianity was Illegal

Preposterous. Not if one considers history or some present day situations.

So what would happen if this became our reality?

That which is considered vital, would become unnecessary.
That which is considered optional and boring, would become vital.

Buildings would be confiscated by the government.
Large, weekly gatherings would no longer exist.
Church names would no longer exist.
Some (many?) would renounce Jesus for fear of losing their jobs and would turn in to the authorities those they had previously called brothers and sisters.

Doctrinal squabblings would be put on the back burner.
Bibles would no longer collect dust on shelves. They would either be thrown out or secretly preserved and read.

People would desire to meet often in small, passionate gatherings.
Each person would be hungering to share what they were hearing from God.
Jesus would be the central figure in these gatherings.
Many would make clear, public declarations that Jesus is their Saviour.
Some would go to jail.
Brothers and sisters would work together to help each other.

Would Christianity survive? Not as we know it.

Thank God, it is not illegal.


Nick said...

You forgot a big one: if Christianity was illegal, all the people who went to Bible College to become a professional pastor would have to find other work. What sorts of work would a former pastor do if there was no previous vocational training?

Jamie A. Grant said...

Oh, this is an awesome post...

David Grant said...

I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the role of professional pastors not being required.

Hmmm, what would a former pastor do if his pay cheque stopped?