Monday, July 23, 2007

Jesus Plus

Jesus is a man who transcends culture, history, race or social status. As I wrote in another blog, He never fits any of our labels. And yet my heart breaks when we box him up into something which we can define and manage with our puny minds.

We have a carnal tendency to make ourselves comfortable with Jesus, whereas He said, “blessed are those who are not offended at me.” Matthew 11:6 We want a microwaveable Jesus straight out of the freezer ready to do our bidding and fitting into the categories that we pre-defined that He should fit into.

What if Jesus said to you today that He simply wanted you to sit on a beach instead of some duty which you had already planned? Or what if He asked to help move somebody during your Sunday service time?

What are those things that we elevate to equality with Jesus? The list is likely endless but here’s a smattering to begin with.

Jesus + doctrine

Jesus + pastor

Jesus + church attendance

Jesus + social activism

Jesus + missions

Jesus + tithing

Jesus + duty

Jesus + conformity

Jesus + Sunday

Jesus + prayer meetings

Jesus + bible studies

Jesus + worship services

Jesus + healing

Jesus + sermons

Jesus + …


Sam Clemance said...

What a tough lesson that is for us to learn (at least for me)

I see you wrote Jesus + tithing but Jesus + finances in general can be such a challenge. I know you have a lot to say about tithing. One thing I wonder is if sometimes people aren't so tied to the concept of tithing that they don't feel the liberty to give more than that 10% they "have" to give.

David Grant said...

Finances are always touchy for some people. When we relate to people personally and are looking for ways to bless one another, I think giving will become easier and definitely a lot more fun.

In terms of overall financial issues in our lives, I think that as we learn to become more transparent with one another, great advice and help will be there for those desiring to do things God's way.

Keri A. Beardsley said...

Jesus +signs n wonders. How many signs n wonders do people need? Look around at the flowers, the bugs, the human body, a baby forming in the womb, the universe ... Isn't that enough? Why do so many Christians look for more? I remember how Isreal wanted a king, Jehovah wasn't enough. Humanity is never satisfied. Jesus is all and more than enough for me.