Thursday, July 5, 2007

Take the Tithe Test

This test was created by Roger Sapp. It is quite a fresh approach to the touchy issue of tithing.

True or False? 1. The Lord Jesus Christ would have tithed.

This one is false. The Lord Jesus Christ was a carpenter by profession and then after He became 30 years old He was a preacher and teacher. Neither of these professions was required by the Law of Moses to tithe anything.

Have fun with the other 9 questions plus the bonus question at Roger Sapp's website All Nations Ministries and Publications.

For even more fun have your pastor take the test as well.


solnechko said...

i agree about the tithing, but i'm curious as to whether there is a way OTHER than simply by faith, that churches should pay mortgages and stuff...

know what i mean? like... i understand it from the standpoint of the churchgoer, that we shouldn't be forced to "give". But the thought just crossed my mind about if the church is to actively make money some other way to pay for their equity and stuff.

David Grant said...

Of course people can give to whatever they choose.

Alas we have no guidance from the New Testament or writing from the first two centuries after Christ as no buildings were built or needed during that period.