Friday, June 1, 2007

What Am I Doing Wrong?

How often have I heard these thoughts in religious circles?
If I tithe I will be prosperous.
If I fast I will be healed.
If I pray more I will receive more answers.
If I memorize more of the Bible I will know God more.
If I give up everything I will be loved.
If I sacrifice there will be no pain.

And yet there are times when God is crushingly silent with all of our efforts.

Pagan religion even takes it a step further and sacrifices children to appease their gods.

The reality is that it all comes from this horrid question of what am I doing wrong?

Friends don’t demand anything from their friends. They enjoy being with them and do not like the feeling of manipulation or control. It doesn’t seem friendly when those things are felt.

Friends give to each other but they do not take. When we ask, "what am I doing wrong or what can I do more to get God to do my bidding", we aren’t exactly calling Him our friend.

Above all else He has called us to be friends. He even says we’re not His friend if we’re not friends with each other.

So, let’s be friends with each other and with Jesus.


Ashleigh said...

"What am I doing wrong?" A question that reared it's ugly head in a serious way earlier this week. I couldn't figure out why, after all of the praying and seeking God, did things just seem to be getting worse. On top of that, I was struggling with the feeling that I had disappointed all of the people that had taken the time to pray for me.

I don't find it a coincidence that Sherry who is one of my best friends just happened to be in town in time for this appointment...nor is it a coincidence that, within minutes of meeting us, Jamie was able to lighten up the mood without making light of what had just happened.

While I was still dealing with the confusion and pain of that incident, I can remember repeating the same question..."How can God possibly turn this around for my good?" (according to Romans 8:28). Though I still don't know how He did it, God was able to somehow turn what had begun as one of the worst days I've ever had, into a day that was filled with so much joy and laughter, that I will probably never forget it as long as I live.

"What did I do wrong?" is one of the questions that Satan uses most often to make Christians feel like they need to achieve certain milestones (ie praying more, as you said) in order for God to be there when you need Him.

Before ths week, I think I believed this on some level...Until my friends rallied around me when I needed them most. I didn't need to meet any pre-requisites, they just did it because they care about me. Period.

We, as Christians, need to get to the place where, no matter what happens in our lives, we treat God as we would our best friend.

Great post!

David Grant said...

I can't think of a better way to reveal what I was trying to say. I'm so thankful that you are finding His life through His people. What a beautiful comment and what a wonderful way to allow others in on your journey.