Thursday, May 31, 2007


What is it that keeps us from entering into more joy, more peace, more abundance? Some would answer, “I need more faith, more dedication, more sacrifice, more obedience.”

Let’s stop at “more obedience” and take that idea back into the Garden of Eden. What was the command that was given to Adam regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Do not eat. In other words, DO NOTHING!!!!

How is our salvation earned? DO NOTHING!!!
How is our salvation kept? DO NOTHING!!!

Why do we hate those words so much? We identify all too easily with Adam.

Why does the journey seem so difficult? We hate these words, DO NOTHING.

Let’s unpackage this thought with a simple illustration using money. You have a friend that has the same financial situation as yourelf. You go out for lunches with him and you take turns buying lunch. This makes you feel equal to him. Your friendship is secure based on being able to do for him what he does for you. You don’t feel shame or inadequacy or that you are abusing your friendship.

But something changes. He receives an inheritance of 100 million dollars and gives you 10 million dollars just because he wants to. How do you keep up with that? Do you buy him a thank you gift? The reality is that you can DO NOTHING for him except to continue to be his friend.

This is what God has done in our lives. Let us DO NOTHING and be His friend.

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