Friday, June 22, 2007

The Opposite of Love

What’s the opposite of love?

Some would say hate. No, I don’t think so. Hate has energy and creativity although it is always used destructively.

In the movie “Castaway”, Chuck Nolan, played by Tom Hanks, survives by talking to Wilson: played by a Wilson volleyball. (I wonder if Wilson won anything for best supporting character?)

In one of the poignant scenes near the end of the movie, Chuck is adrift on the ocean having given up all hope of rescue. Wilson gets loose from the raft and is drifting too far away to be saved. It is one of those teary eyed moments that is so very striking because when come to your senses and apply logic to the tragic separation it is merely about the loss of a volleyball.

What is the opposite of love? Nothingness, emptiness, loneliness…


Jamie A. Grant said...


Steve Pye said...

I'd say the opposite of love is apathy. Love is about doing for the sake of another. Apathy is about not doing for the sake of self.

David Grant said...

Gotta like that answer. Our greatest enemy is none other than self.
Many actions can have the appearance of love but are really nothing but ourself as well.