Monday, May 28, 2007

In Search of the Christian Lifestyle

This was in Christianity Today about 20 years ago.
An excerpt from a young father’s diary.


I slept in today and read the paper, wasted most of the day lying around watching tv.

Listened to Christian radio at night and was challenged by the message.
The speaker was saying that the problem with the world today is too many lazy Christians


After church I went around collecting canned goods for the soup kitchen and got back just in time to get the family to church on Sunday night.

The pastor spoke on the decline of the family and that father’s don’t spend enough time with their children anymore


I took the kids out for dinner and a movie. We had a great time.

Later that night a special on world hunger caught my eye. The speaker said that you could feed a child in a third world country for the cost of dinner and a movie.


Fasted all day.

Went to the men’s fellowship meeting that night and we had a special speaker who emphasized physical fitness, stating that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the key to being in shape is good nutrition and exercise.

So I ordered a pizza when I got home.


Got up early and went for a jog. Shot some hoops with the kids and later that night listened to another radio preacher who was talking about burnout.
People are so busy with church, family activities, work, etc., that they never have time for themselves anymore.


Slept in today, read the paper, spent most of the day lying around. Did not turn on the radio.


Jamie A. Grant said...

Ha! Quite amusing. I especially like how the father no longer turns on the radio at the end. If we chase after some idea of Christianity long enough, and we eventually come full circle, then we finally give up the chase altogether.

By the way, are you paraphrasing this article? If you're quoting, can you reference the original author?

David Grant said...

So many 'good' things to do. So many voices but only one matters. The plan is to know our Heavenly Father and do what He shows us. Gulp.

I'm quoting Wayne Jacobson from a series called Transition tape 6. You can find the series in the Lifestream link on my blog.