Monday, April 23, 2007

Trust and Faith

Trust and faith are wonderful words. Biblically they have the same meaning. My personal preference in our modern hearing of these words is trust. Faith is sometimes turned into a noun referring to a particular belief system. That seems rather dry and clinical to me. Trust seems more dynamic, almost like it’s a living, breathing exchange between two people.

I remember years ago having my kids stand on the kitchen table and asking them to jump into my arms. Their willingness to trust me to catch them was an overwhelming joy to me. I had to be careful to keep an eye on them after teaching them that lesson, as sometimes they would even jump without my asking.

Some people are desperately trying to have faith in God and are somewhat bewildered as to what it means. They feel its all them and focus on having more faith. That seems like a rather worrisome approach.

I like trust as the way of knowing God. What’s amazing to me in this whole dynamic is not that I trust Him, but that He, with unlimited, unconditional abandonment, throws Himself into my arms.

Why? Because He trusts me.

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Ashleigh said...

God trusts us....given our track record as humans, that says a lot about the depth of love God has for us.

Beautifully written.