Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Gift From Jesus

This is a present from Jesus that finds almost no equal in our society.

Hollywood doesn't require the greatest actors to wow the crowd every week and even they are helped by an entire entourage of helpers and supporting actors.

Educators are helped by getting a fresh batch of students every term. They don't have to create new material and they get to use the same stories over and over.

Students actually have the benefit of actually picking and choosing their courses or in my case I actually chose some courses based on who would be teaching it. They even get to graduate and get on with their lives.

But then Jesus comes along and creates a church model that requires lots of devotion being given to one person for an extended period of time that is not seen anywhere else in society. And even then he only makes a 3 year attempt at this kind of devotion.

He also puts a 10% admission fee on their devotion to the minister and the meeting facility. There really is nothing else to compare this kind of activity to on the face of the earth except of course in other religious models.

It certainly has created an incredibly caring and supportive group of people with ministers being able to take the lead in society, all the while living off of the charity of others.

The fact that this goes on generation after generation and great men aspire to take the lead in this model is perhaps as miraculous as the resurrection itself.

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