Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Kingdom of God and Money

Jesus spoke more about money than any other topic. It would seem that He said enough on the subject to offend everybody: rich, poor and the simply satisfied.

The New Testament actually contains,
215 Verses Pertaining to Faith
218 Verses Pertaining to Salvation
2,084 Verses Dealing with the Stewardship and Accountability for Money and Finance
16 of Jesus’ 38 Parables Deal with Money

If someone is thirsty give them a drink.
Matthew 25

If someone is your enemy, do good to them.
Mathew 5

Give money to your enemy. (cool promise if you do) Luke 6

He liked the idea of using worldly wealth to make friends. Luke 16

He commended those who made money. 10 minas. Luke 19 talents Matthew 25

He condemned those who hoarded it for themselves. Luke 12

He did not want or need a building to bring the kingdom.
Matthew 8

He told his disciples not to trust in a building.
Matthew 24

Stephen was stoned (at least in part) for mentioning the value they placed on their building.
Acts 7:48,49

The desire to belong to something localized can be (not always) one of the greatest distractions when it comes to the kingdom and the use of money.

God wasn't pleased with a group that decided they needed a building and a name. (for fear of being scattered)
Genesis 11

The great commission has the word GO. Build is not in it.

The only building that God is interested in is the one made of you and me.
1 Peter 2

The apostle Paul applied Jesus' teaching (it is better to give) by telling the elders of Ephesus to work hard as he had done with his own hands and support the weak financially.
Acts 20:32-35

Paul did not condone people becoming dependent on others.
1 Thessalonians 4

Jesus did not come to make servants of God, His royal priesthood, beggars looking for the next offering.

Our goal in handling worldly wealth should be EQUALITY on a global scale.
2 Corinthians 8.

If you haven't been offended by some point on this topic, hmmmmm.

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