Friday, January 9, 2009

It Must Be God

Some Christians are incredibly pagan in their beliefs about finances. A simple example would be in the buying of a home.

A couple finds a lovely house that sold a couple of years ago for $400,000. The housing market takes a downturn while at the same time the owners went through a job loss which led to a divorce and skipped out on the mortgage. The house is now in foreclosure from the bank. The Christian couple puts in an offer of $210,000 and it is accepted. Wow, it must be God that led us into this great deal.

Another Christian couple bought a house a few years ago for $400,000. There is an economic downturn and the husband loses his high paying job. His wife gets severely ill and can no longer work at her part time job. The housing market crashes and their house is now worth less than the mortgage that they are carrying. They can’t keep up with their payments and the bank forecloses. A non-Christian couple puts in an offer of $210,000 and it is accepted. Wow, did we ever get a great deal.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world the price of rice has gone up 40% because of the number of people, including Christians, speculating in the commodities market and families cannot afford the rice that they need to survive.

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