Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just got off the phone with about 30 people who are organizing themselves around a plan a number of friends and I suggested of using a business model to send children's vitamins to the desperate situations that are part of our global village. Instead of using the traditional model of donations, we are using a sustainable giving model that grows locally, even in the midst of our economic crisis and cares globally for those who literally can't help themselves.

I first naively wrote about this a year ago, Dare to Dream - Let's Save the World. I actually believed at that time that everyone would immediately jump on board. Hmm, "new idea?" "We've never done it that way before." How could I have forgotten such life changing words? Oops, I digress, I was just reminiscing from days gone by.

Thankfully since then, the plan has actually gotten better and much simpler. I've even become more sophisticated with a website showing how the money works.

I've been mocked and ridiculed by family and friends. I've been called greedy, pushy, manipulative and the scum of the earth for daring to use children for personal gain. (actually this rarely happens, but it does exist) The reason: I am using a network marketing model that has the potential of making me and those that join me, very well off.

On a very different note, tonight, I was called fearless for continuing to hammer away at this idea and some are beginning to see the true potential. I'm actually very uncomfortable with any of these labels. I would prefer to simply be part of a huge number of beggars telling other beggars where to find bread.

I literally gasped when I heard the label fearless put on me. Just this week, in the comfort of my lovely home, great family, great jobs, amazing opportunities, I was confronted with what fearless really looks like.

I was watching a documentary about Africa and the impossible plight that literally plagues millions of people. The news woman was interviewing a woman who had 7 children. They were living in something I would be ashamed to put a dog in. The mother's only source of income was from prostitution. She was fearlessly fighting for her children with the only means that she knew.

As more people catch this opportunity and vision, they will be able to stand in the gap for those in desperation. They can build a business in Canada and then send the proceeds to provide for a mother of 7 in Africa. It does take some effort to get 2 people to join this business. You may even get mocked, misunderstood and called any manner of nefarious names. (boo hoo!)

BTW: I made it sound much worse than it is. What typically happens is people say yes or no. Hopefully your ego can handle a no. It's really exciting when you get a yes. The chain of events from those yes's can really make a difference both locally and globally.

Just imagine, YOU can be the catalyst to bring transformation into somone's life. Because your actions matter someone else's life matters as well.


Jamie A. Grant said...

Oh, I definitely want to hear all about this when I see you this weekend...

Re: "You may even get mocked, misunderstood and called any manner of nefarious names. (boo hoo!)"

So, we might get mocked for joining you, and then you'll mock us for feeling bad? Heh. Now that's motivation!

David Grant said...

Tony Campolo is quoted as saying this, "The church doesn't give a sh*t about the poor or the prostitute." He then went on to say, "And what bothers you the most is that I said sh*t."

Jamie A. Grant said...

That's an amusing retort. Other people I know like to quote that same story as their licence for rudeness...

David Grant said...

Let's all sing along with Barney.

I mock you, you mock me,
we're a happy family,
with a great big...