Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Joseph, the son of Jacob, is often spoken of as a shining example of one who stood up to adversity, grew in wisdom, did not become bitter and saved a nation by doing what was right.

He knew how to use his natural gifts and with a small revelation from God, was able to administrate a true deliverance for an entire nation. This was a testimony, not just of Joseph but of God himself.

Interestingly Joseph used a very sound business plan which not only saved countless lives but ensured Egypt’s prominence and wealth for centuries to come.

Not bad considering:
his brothers wanted to kill him but sold him into slavery instead,
when he had shown his value as a great administrator he was falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison,
when he correctly interpreted dreams with God’s help, he was still left in prison,
when he saw his brothers who had so cruelly treated him, he had nothing but love, mercy and compassion for them.

Lots of people want a word from the Lord without any hassles.

Where did Joseph get his tenacious spirit and unswerving faith in God? The only words he had from God would have been stories told and dreams that he received.

There was no Bible to study or groups to belong to.

Why do we think the answer to the riddles of life are found in a Bible study or a sermon? How can we admire Joseph and not get the fact that he lived an incredible life of integrity, compassion and wisdom without those structures that we deem so vital?

The Bible doesn’t necessarily teach truth as much as it reveals truth for us to apply.

Joseph is one of the greatest testimonies of a man who chose to be faithful to God and use his natural talents to bring God glory.

All that without ever going to church. Hmmmm.

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