Sunday, November 1, 2009

Helping People Help People

The vision I want to talk about in this blog is a really simple way of helping people. Lots of preaching out there about something something but I'm not sure if much rubber ever meets the road. This plan is practical, can be reproduced and it helps others without making people beggars. Even those who have or are at risk of losing jobs can dig in right away to do this. The only obstacle to success is people's unwillingness to try something new. Aren't you glad you aren't one of them? And thank goodness you only have to get a couple of others to join you. Surely you have that much influence in your life.

The Vision

Years ago, people died of malnutrition simply because they didn’t know that fruits and vegetables contained the vital vitamins and minerals that our bodies need for good health. And even though we now understand that we need them, not everyone gets the full range of vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks for our minds and our bodies. Even those who can afford and have available the 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables that we need each day, rarely take in those in quantities to ensure good health.

But this isn’t about supplying vital nutrients to those who have them easily available. There are literally millions of people (including widows, orphans, homeless, innercity kids, etc.) that do not have access or can afford to buy that much nutrition in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Is there a simple solution to this lack of equality in our world?

YES! It comes in the same way that we would supply a spaceship, concentrated supplements with all of the goodness of shopping carts filled with fruits and vegetables, packed into a bottle that fits in the palm of our hands.

Remarkably, this approach to nutrition is more cost effective than growing gardens in urban jungles nor do we have to deal with the daunting issues of freshness, quality, delivery and storage.

Caring for others and ensuring that everyone is given equal opportunity for healthy minds and bodies is a mandate that we can all take seriously. By simply learning to work together we can see this lived out on a global basis. I have no idea why the powers that be are not doing this today, but I also know that it doesn’t have to be left in the hands of anyone but us. We can make a difference!!!


We simply need to do 2 things to make this a reality. Use the most advanced forms of food sourced supplementation available today and combine them with a sustainable means of delivering them to those in need.


Good intentions does not make something sustainable. How do we tell a mother with 4 young children that what we started in bringing them health is no longer available because someone has lost their job and can no longer supply the needed supplements? To bring hope and education and then not follow through seems a rather shortsighted gesture.

We need a sustainable plan. Sustainable means creating the necessary funds to ensure ongoing support without the threat of being interfered with by job losses and other priorities replacing the hope that is being provided.

This kind of guarantee of ongoing support needs to be funded through a business model and not a donation model. And this, for many, will be a significant paradigm shift. The time to learn and implement this model will take much less time than it takes to prepare, let alone, plant, weed and harvest a single garden. It simply takes a willingness to try a new approach.

There are 2 requirements that are necessary for this plan to work.

#1 – The desire to see people helped through providing good nutrition.

#2 – The understanding that this is something that needs to be sustainable.


There a 2 types of people that should be involved in the process of sustainability.

95% of these people should simply be good customers and 5% should be business people.

Good Customers: These are people that believe good nutrition is important and understand that it is as important to finish something they have started as it is to start to do a good thing. The simplest way for this to happen is by making enough money from giving this help, to ensure they never have to stop. This is like a sports fisherman that catches enough fish for his family and his neighbours.

Business People:
These are people who take this matter of caring to a more developed level. They do this as their main source of income. They look after the good customers, the distribution of the supplements, have decent computer skills and the drive to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of this vision.

Which kind of person are you?

Do you see the vision of caring for others by providing nutrition in the form of supplements?

For those that say yes to this vision, I would suggest that you start as a customer. Begin providing help today by registering as an associate in my business of Mannatech and letting me take care of the details of getting those vital supplements to those in need.

Down the road you may want to learn and do more within the business model but the secret of success in this vision is by simply starting.

My goal will be to help you become sustainable in the giving of this care. Simply help me by sharing this simple means of caring for others once and awhile with some friends that you think would want to do the same thing. I will look after the details and you can rest assured that through this simple form of teamwork that we will bring nutritional equality to those who have no one but us to help.

To our own health and the health of others.

Write me at to get started today.

I can immediately work with anyone that can legally work in any of these countries, United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

To understand the business model and the impact that we can have go on to my next blog titled, A New Paradigm for Helping Orphans.

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