Friday, June 19, 2009

More Than Enough

(helping those that cannot help themselves)

I had a nice chat with a friend yesterday. We ended up talking about a vision I have of bringing nutritional supplements to ALL of the neglected children of the world.

Did you know that iron deficiency, the most common form of malnutrition, affects 180 million children under age four and that 684,000 child deaths worldwide could be prevented by increasing access to vitamin A and Zinc?

Through a little bottle of children’s multivitamins/minerals, we can supply the missing nutritional building blocks for children. As it stands right now, the need is outpacing the supply and children needlessly die. The plan I showed him not only supplied the vitamins but because it comes through a business model, everyone involved can help at literally no financial cost to themselves.

31 people agreeing to work together for just one month could literally supply nutrition to 62 children for a year at no financial cost to themselves.

How does this work?

31 people agree to utilize my company's compensation plan
and SHARE the commissions for just the first month in which they start.
They each purchase an All Star pack for $499 + $40 shipping and tax.
Total cost = US$16,740.
Each pack contains a two year supply of children’s vitamins.
The total commissions that this group agrees to pool together is over US$16,800.
And voila, 62 children are helped for a full year.

From then on, it is up to each individual as to what they want to do with their own business. It’s reasonable to assume that there would be others who would want to help children as well and this plan could easily be shared with others. At this point the original 31 people have the possibility of literally sending more vitamins to more children at no cost to themselves. That’s called sustainability.


How do these vitamins get delivered? By utilizing a delivery system that already exists. Tens of thousands of people travel the world everyday. We simply find a few of these people who are willing to carry an extra suitcase, loaded with high quality children’s vitamins and are willing to deliver them to any one of the many caring groups already helping these at risk children.

This plan is simple and doable. Money is not a factor. The VISION to join with a few others is all that it will take to bring some of the missing nutrients to children who cannot help themselves.

If this vision of joining with a few others interests you, please write or call me. I am coordinating getting the 31 people together. You don't have to get 31 but simply say you would like to be part of a group of likeminded people.

Together we CAN make a difference!

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