Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Kind of Winner are You?

For most of us, the word “winning”, is a very simple concept. You create a goal, and when you achieve it, you’ve won.

Well, there’s actually much more to it then that, because your subconscious mind has it’s own definition for “winning”, and whether you like it or not, you and your entire life are run by this little bugger.

If your subconscious doesn’t want you to “win” when it comes to wealth and money, you’re not going to. Period.

By definition, your subconscious thoughts and its agenda for your life are hidden from you, unless you’ve trained yourself to communicate with it.

If you don’t know what its definition of “winning” is for you right now, how can you ever move forward? And that’s the point on this article… We’re going to find out what “winning” means to your subconscious right now…

There are 5 ways for you to win...

1: You win when you’re comfortable.

This person’s primary goal is to just go through life as comfortably as possible. They don’t want stress. They don’t want to be pushed or challenged. They don’t like conflict. The just want to go through life on cruise control, hanging out with their friends, and having a good time.

Everything they do is designed to support their pursuit of comfort.

This is your average, life-long employee who’s more than happy to have a safe, stable, comfortable job.

If you push this person away from that goal, and challenge them or their routine lifestyle, watch out.

2: You win by being liked.

This person’s primary goal in life is to be liked by others. They want acceptance from everyone, and will do just about anything to reach that goal. They’d rather be liked, than be right or wrong.

When you put someone like this in a leadership role, the business will usually fail because they won’t be willing to make hard decisions that would anger someone. They would try to please everyone all the time because their ultimate motivation is to be liked by others.

3: You win by being right.

This person is usually an expert in a specific field like a professor, lawyer, or a wife. (Just kidding ladies! ?). People who win by being right, don’t accept criticism and aren’t open to new ideas.

They tend to reach a glass ceiling when it comes to money, their career, and relationships, because they can’t accept their short-comings in order to move past them and achieve personal growth. Arguing with this person never works because they’ll always find a way to prove you wrong, even if it means sabotaging their relationship with you in the process.

In order to win, this person must be right.

4: You win by winning.

This person is an achiever. Their primary motivation is to win. They are very competitive, and will do whatever it takes to win. They won’t quit, and they’ll constantly push themselves to gain the edge they need.

This category describes all successful entrepreneurs and athletes. Winning is their reward, and on the dark side, some of them will go too far and compromise their integrity in order to do so. Key Lay of Enron is a great example.

This type of person doesn’t care if others don’t like them, and they welcome discomfort because it provides them with new opportunities to win.

5: You win by losing.

This person wins by being a victim. They want sympathy from others or their spouse. Just when things start to get better, they will sabotage themselves, and say, “I knew it wouldn’t work”, giving them their victory once again.

There lives are always filled with problems because they don’t win unless they lose, so they create circumstances and excuses that help them fulfill that destiny like, “Your book won’t teach me anything new. I don’t have the money. This is just another scam. I’ll give it a try…”

So, where do you see yourself?

Now if you’re like me when I was exposed to this, you’re taking a long hard look at your life right now.

There are people who are not wealthy because they want to be comfortable. There are people who are not healthy because they want to be comfortable. There are people who are stuck in the same job without a promotion for 10 years because they want to be liked. There are people who are addicted to struggle because they win by losing.

And most likely, you see a little of yourself in each of these categories.
I know I do, but what’s important to remember, is that winning is a continuous process that is brought to an end once you’ve won, which is an event.

As soon as you’ve “won”, the process starts all over again. This is why you tend to feel lost or unfulfilled after you achieve a goal.

So what kind of goals are you putting in front of you? What kind of winner are you?

(adapted from an article by Mike Dillard)

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