Friday, February 1, 2008

Viagra Loves Prescription Plans

Have you ever wondered who is paying for all of the wonderful prescription plans that people in good companies enjoy?

I had an interesting discussion with someone the other day about a real concern they had for a child of 4 who was on a very strong anti-depressant. I said, “Wouldn’t it be better to be seeking healthy solutions rather than condemning a child for the rest of their life to a drug that masks the problem and only deals with the symptoms?”

The answer was quite startling. “Yes, it would be better to seek a healthy solution but the parents have a drug plan and it costs them nothing to dope up their child, whereas a healthy solution would personally cost them money.”

That leads into another area of discussion. It’s true that the father doesn’t directly pay for the drugs as they are paid for through his medical benefits. The reality is that his company’s benefit plan will cost the company more money next year depending on the number of people who are using the benefits.

Hmmm. This means when someone gets a prescription filled for Viagra, his company has to pay more for his health benefits. I’m sure the stock holders and owners are pleased that their company is able to support this man’s sex life. Obviously a better sex life would mean better production from the man at work.

But companies and stock holders are much smarter than that. They will simply increase the price of whatever widget or service that they provide to the consumer.

Oh goody. I get to pay for someone to solve their problem with ED. I think his wife should thank all of us for restoring their lost passion in their bedroom.

And the pharmaceutical companies laugh merrily as they deposit more money in whatever they deposit their money into.

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