Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top Ten Reasons for Network Marketing

1. Full business in a box.

My company provides all of the items listed below:

  • Warehouse & shipping
  • Customer Service Department & Training Programs
  • Research & Development
  • Accounting, Accounts Payable & Receivable.
  • On-line Computer technology for orders, information, and business support
  • Affordable start-up costs.

2. No hiring or firing

  • In business this is a really big deal. Some companies literally spend over $100,000 to hire one new employee not knowing whether this employee will be around next year.
  • Firing someone is very stressful and creates nothing but negative energy.
  • Layoffs, downsizing and being passed over for a promotion don't exist.

3. Get paid for the work you do.

  • No one steals your effort and takes the credit for what you do.
  • The down side is that you can’t blame someone else for holding you back.

4. Not a traditional pyramid.

All companies have a pyramid model.

  • Corporations are stuck with the pyramid of a CEO at the top, all the way down to the guy cutting the grass.
  • There is a lot of competition while climbing the ladder sometimes at the expense of friendships.
  • Gossip and backbiting can be the main meals for those who want to advance.
  • The ones at the bottom of the corporate pyramid can never make more than the ones above them.

Network marketing really differs from the traditional corporate pyramid.

  • Success is encouraged.
  • There are no secret ideas to protect.
  • Creativity and initiative receive immediate reward. Sharing ideas is “smart business” & helps everyone.
  • Jealousy and tearing down another member is ridiculous – we want each other to succeed.
  • You can make more money than the one who is ahead of you.
  • Someone else’s success is your success … and your success is shared with others.
  • Win/Win is how you keep score.
  • People will believe in you and you will believe for the best in others.
  • You go at your speed and define success by your own desires.
  • You can prosper beyond your wildest dreams. There is no glass ceiling.

5. Flexibility

  • Choose WHEN, WHERE and WHO you work with.
  • Continue going to school or advancing in another career while building your company.
  • Want a week off? Look in the mirror and give yourself permission.

6. Tax write offs

If you are an employee (have a job) the tax system gives you little to write off. Those making $50,000+/year are likely paying 25 - 35% in government taxes.

In Network Marketing your basic monthly product purchase is a tax write off … as is the full cost of your business start up pack. This lowers your annual taxable income and translates into an immediate 30% discount on these product costs. (Try writing off purchases from Wal-Mart!) But that’s not all …

  • Part of your housing, internet, computer, car, insurances, etc. all become potential write offs against your entire income.
  • Do you have an office in your house or hold meetings in your living room? A portion of all housing costs (mortgage, heat, hydro, taxes, insurance, etc.) can be considered a business expense.
  • Restaurant meals for business meetings, vehicle expenses to get there … write them off!
  • Travel – include some legitimate business and it’s a sizeable write off.

7. Discrimination – NONE

  • 70 years old? Why not! (It’s better than slinging fries.)
  • 2 years old? No problem (with a parent’s consent). Children are able to save towards their own college fund and pay for their own designer clothes.
  • Poor? … Not for long!
  • Just out of prison? … A new beginning!
  • Education? ... Start immediately and learn as you build your business.
  • Disabilities? … We all have disabilities.
  • You are a valuable member of the team and fully independent at the same time.

8. Mobility

  • New career opportunities everywhere you go … even in another country.
  • If you need or want to move, your business goes with you.
  • Work from any location that you desire.
  • As long as you have the internet, you’re in business.

9. Residual income

  • Even when you’re not working, your pay cheque can continue to grow based on the investment that you made in the people that are in business with you.
  • Making money while on vacation is just way too cool.
  • If you get sick or in an accident your income continues.
  • If a loved one needs you, you can be there without sacrificing income.

10. Retire on your own terms.

  • You may never retire because you are having too much fun!
  • It is nice to know that you can gain financial freedom based not just on your own effort but by joining hands with those you have invested your time in.
  • Your business can be passed on to your children as an inheritance.

11. Bonus Reason -- Fun

  • It is just plain fun to be around people that are cheering you on.
  • It’s even more fun helping others succeed.
  • Not only will you get lots of encouragement for your business but you will make some lifetime friends.

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